Louisa Clack, senior account executive with The London PR, worked with Kirstie during her role with Trinity Mirror

Kirstie is great to work with on PR stories. She is extremely reliable and responsive. Her work always reflects my clients’ wishes and she conducts herself in a friendly but professional manner. If you are looking for excellent consumer coverage for your client, Kirstie would always be at the forefront of my suggestions.

March 17, 2016 (as left on my LinkedIn profile)

Peter Hain, Labour Party politician and former British cabinet member, sent his appreciation for a WalesOnline piece on his book Ad and Wal, about his parents
Thanks very much for the spread on Saturday: a lovely piece.
My mother said in some 60 years of media stories about them or me she had never read something so accurate factually!
Best wishes,
February 10, 2014 (via email from Peter)
Victoria Leyton, experienced PR with a specialist knowledge of digital media and personal finance, was with another company when working with Kirstie at Media Wales

Kirstie is a great journalist to work with. She provides a useful sounding board for ideas and can often help shape your story, as well as having a wealth of her own. She seems to have an enviable ability to successfully spin a variety of plates at the same time from lifestyle to property. I consider her a vital contact.
March 13, 2013 (as left on my LinkedIn profile)

Rin Hamburgh, journalist and copy writer, reported to Kirstie at Media Wales
As an editor Kirstie strikes the perfect balance between managing her writers and letting them have a degree of editorial control. She has excellent people skills and knows just how to bring out the best in others. Always friendly and engaging, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.
June 13, 2012 (as left on my LinkedIn profile)

Hannah Smith, freelance editor and writer, managed Kirstie at PSP Rare Publishing
I employed Kirstie as assistant editor on Somerfield magazine in March 2008. Right from the start she showed a sound understanding of the magazine and quickly established a strong relationship with the client. Her news reporting experience and nose for a good story meant she contributed greatly to the lifestyle element of the Somerfield magazine, sourcing and writing topical and very moving ‘real life’ human interest stories. Organised and meticulous, Kirstie was a joy to work with. I can thoroughly recommend her.
January 18, 2010 (as left on my LinkedIn profile)

Andrew Duncan, Editor at Living France, managed Kirstie at PSP Rare Publishing
Kirstie is a joy to work with. She is bright, talented and organised. In a very challenging, frenetically paced work environment, Kirstie could always be relied upon to produce excellent copy to very tight deadlines, and her meticulous forward planning meant that her articles were always on time and to brief. Among her many achievements at Somerfield magazine was the way she revamped the Real Life feature – using her journalistic flair and excellent interviewing and writing skills to bring very touching and moving stories vividly to life.
January 15, 2010 (as left on my LinkedIn profile)


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