The write stuff… Or how even a dream job might not be for you

We all have dreams.

Perhaps you want to sing onstage with The Boss; or tour the Amazon; or write a bestseller.

Maybe all you really want to do is master a Sunday roast.

Writer Marina Fiorato is a woman who has woken up to a fair few ‘dream-come-true’ moments image.phpby my estimation.

Firstly she is from an Italian family who have their own wine, but she was brought up in glorious Yorkshire.

Then she went to study at Oxford University with a stint at the University of Venice – sounds pretty idyllic.

But after that, she worked as a stage designer for rock stars including but not limited to U2, Travis and Queen.

It was all pretty special – until she took maternity leave and decided to make the leap into writing historical fiction.

Six books on and she’s still going strong.

And all because she took time to think about what she really wanted.

I think that’s probably a sign that we should all make a pledge
to dream some more.

Read the piece here.