Manchester divided – 100 days on from the Arena Bombing

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Making Manchester my home was an easy decision – it’s an open, free and culturally enriched city, packed with history, social change and a load of different races and religions.

But when the Arena bomb hit on May 22, it left a massive wound in the heart of the inclusive society I had loved.

With increasing animosity towards Muslims following the deaths of the 22 – at the hands of Salman Abedi – I spoke to people in Manchester who have seen the change for the New Statesman.


Sinead O’Connor’s desperation as tabloid clickbait


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A celebrity figure who is struggling with a mental health issue has become fair game for the gutter press, and there’s nothing that one particular publication won’t do, it seems.

Using a gif of a heartbreaking video, the Mail Online showed that Bedlam – the place where members of the public gathered to point and stare at those who were living in a prison of madness – is alive and well – and online.

I wrote about this for the New Statesman here.