Northern Ireland is being left behind by Brexit Britain

Brexit has been held responsible for a lot of different evils in the last seven months.

And it hasn’t really properly happened yet.

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-18-52-48But when the amendments brought to vote in the House of Commons on February were rejected, there was a new concern for us all.

Not just the EU nationals who have been in constant turmoil over their futures and at the mercy of Theresa May.

But the UK nationals living in Northern Ireland.

Amendment 86 required that Article 50 did not break commitments made in the Good Friday Agreement and it was defeated.

So 327 people decided that ongoing peace in NI was simply an acceptable loss – collateral damage in the poisonous “Brexit means Brexit” rhetoric which has punctuated the last seven months and 17 days.

I wrote this on Medium about my concerns and experiences.



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