Gilmore Girls on careers and real-life journalism

As an unapologetic fan of the quirky TV programme Gilmore Girls iGILMORE GIRLSn my younger years, I was thrilled that it was back this winter.

The show’s re-emergence, though, was dogged
by cries of a shortfall in quality.

The criticism which stayed with me was of the journalism role of Rory, the younger of the two central characters of mum and daughter.

So I decided to have a go at the piece she was asked to write – but never got round to onscreen.

I published it on Medium here


Self harm is affecting more teens than ever

The NSPCC released findings which showed around 19,000 teens had been treated in hospital in England and Wales for self harm in 2015.

img_4966For anyone who has dealt with mental health issues, it is a horrific figure.

That the torment and worry and misery which besets someone who, depressed and at the end of their tether, is turned to do something so destructive as harm themselves is hitting this many young people is sad.

But these figures are just those who are hospitalised.

There are those who say social media is to blame – and it might not be helping.

But I wrote about how self harm has its roots long before Facebook came online.

Read my piece on Medium here.