Michael Sheen on democracy, the NHS and speaking up

When celebrities start boring on about politics, I tend to tune out.

I know that Sting’s campaign to save the rain forests screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-15-34-01is worthy, and I understand all of the hard work that Bob Geldof put into feeding the world.

But something just rankles when multi-millionaire Bono starts preaching like he is the Almighty – and I’m not alone in wondering what years of singing onstage has done to give him the expertise he believes he has.

Luckily, Michael Sheen is not a blowhard star without a clue.

He’s a defender of democracy, the NHS and more – and he’s not afraid to address his views in public.

Far from being boring, our chat on the Chartists, the health service and the Miners’ Strike was a brilliant look into the mind of one of his generation’s most sought-after actors.

Read the piece I wrote for WalesOnline here.