Help the homeless… Or just because they sleep on the street doesn’t mean they’re different

I’ve never been homeless, which makes me feel pretty lucky and also guilty in that way humans have.

Without the experiences of someone living, sleeping and fighting through every day on the moose-Collagestreet, I couldn’t have imagined what it is that they need or desire to make their worlds just a little bit better.

When I interviewed the inspirational Jeff Smith of Big Moose, I found out that, like all of us, homeless people need the little things. Jeff spoke about their lack of toothpaste and deodorant, and when he spoke to them, he found that, as well as food and warm clothes, they wanted haircuts.

Big Moose is a non-profit organisation which exists to do good and their monthly visits to Cardiff city centre to try and make the lives of the homeless just a little bit better is one of the most touching endeavours I’ve seen.

Read the piece here and read more about Big Moose here.


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