The quest for energy… Or how mining rips communities apart

Creating a power which doesn’t harm the environment or people is the dream in these mining-Collageenlightened times, but it seems a long way off. For even though fossil fuels are on the wane, there are still lives and communities being torn apart by the quest for energy.

Kirsty Wright from the World Development Movement – now Global Justice Now – went out to Columbia to see the suffering of people due to the Cerrejon mine.

A telling quote was, “One of the community said to us, ‘We’ve heard that in Europe people even use electric toothbrushes, you can’t even be bothered to brush your own teeth’.”

Meanwhile, Adam Price shared his memories of the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike.

What it came to was that mining is killing Columbia, but it was the absence of mining which ripped the heart out of South Wales.

And all so we don’t have to brush our own teeth.

Read the piece here.