Making hard choices… Or the woman who wins over politics

Anyone who has grown up in the last two decades in much of the Western world must know hillswho Hillary Clinton is – and if you’re female, chances are your admiration for this astonishing woman’s power and strength is as sizeable as mine.

As it happens, there are politics that keep some of us apart from the former US Foreign Secretary, but the legend of the woman who would be the first female POTUS is such that for me, as for many, it’s a case of gender winning over political opinion.

Her raft of publicity interviews and in support of her autobiography Hard Choices gave UK viewers a chance to see the strident Clinton in more of a relaxed environment, which didn’t serve to diffuse her brilliance.

Watching her on The One Show and hearing her come head to head with Jenni Murray on Woman’s Hour made for a study in excellence and decorum, whatever your gender.

But she never did reveal if she’s going to run for president in 2015.

Read my piece here.


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