A feminist perspective on advertising… Or why message is more important than method

The move towards working for digital platforms has brought interesting times for those who were formerly print journalists.

Being given the opportunity to respond speedily to an event is a new one for those of us who

Dakota is one of the #likeagirl campaign's real stars
Dakota is one of the #likeagirl campaign’s real stars

are used to waiting all week for a print date, and the global reach of the internet is exciting in that it gives an opportunity to write about ever more expansive things.

In that vein, I wrote a column for WalesOnline about the Always #likeagirl advert.

It’s an interesting one because it seems that, thanks to recent Dove and Pantene campaigns, advertisers really have cottoned on to the fact that women lap up positive messages about femininity, and they’re not afraid to exploit that for profit.

As a result, there are feminist messages about self acceptance, powerful women and confidence at any age proliferating the commercial world, much to the annoyance of left-leaning commenters with a dislike of capitalism.

In my view, perhaps it’s crass and exploitative that these messages are being peddled for profit – but isn’t it the message that’s the important thing?

Read the piece here.


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