I am woman, hear me roar… Or tackling the ‘f’ word

Feminism turns out to be an incendiary topic.

It’s difficult to imagine that one little word which asserts that equality across genders is only fair can create such a gulf of opinion, but it does.

headWriting about the equality illusion was a really exciting prospect for me – firstly because I identified quite strongly with the story I was trying to tell and secondly, because there really was an intake of breath from so many who assumed that it had been won.

Equal pay, equal rights, everyone’s treated the same, that’s what I was told.

It’s not the case, says Kat Banyard from UK Feminista, an inspirational woman who helps people learn about activism and opportunities that enable a push for change.

The stories from Laura Bates at Everyday Sexism weren’t just about inequality – they were about harassment, assault, rape culture and victim blame.

All the more chilling as Laura’s work identifies links between this sort of behaviour in the developed world and the use of rape as a weapon in war zones.

Finally, I had a word with The Slits’ Viv Albertine.

As much a force of nature as a musician, mother, icon of our times and, of course, woman, she was clear that she believes in feminism, but she’s wary of putting herself in the ‘f’ box because then detractors can sneer.

Perhaps I didn’t convert anyone new to understanding the issues,  but I had some great feedback on sharing the wise words of these women, so I’ll keep talking about feminism until gender is no longer an issue.

Read the piece here.


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