He’s in fashion… Or how a young designer’s using tech to reach his audience

The modern world is moving fast – no one is more aware of this than the average journalist, who has gone from concocting multiple pieces from the same event or interview for a variety of publications to creating a multi-faceted approach for one outlet.

Of course, these days, the average online publisher expects not just copy, but images, a gallery, video, audio, a quiz, a chart, a call to action.

PIC CREDIT: Hari Greenough
PIC CREDIT: Hari Greenough

Manchester-based clothing designer Hari Greenough has jumped on board the new tech available to us all with both feet.

An innovative example of the modern fashion industry, Hari has pledged to overhaul the relationship between designer and consumer with quirky ideas such as using photography social network Instagram to show off his new collections as they’re being worked on.

There’s something to be said for using the media that’s accessible to us.

After all, the large majority of news consumers do so on their mobile phones, and they’re looking for new and interesting ways of using apps and sharing news with their friends.

I hope Hari’s approach gains traction, because he’s a young, exciting designer and those new ideas deserve to be heard – here’s hoping the modern world takes a minute to listen.

Read the piece here.


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