Nul points… Or why Eurovision is about more than just the music

Eurovision can send people one of two ways.

The annual song contest may fill you with patriotic dreams of triumph, memories of good humour and an excuse for a party.

Or you might bloody hate it. Eurovision_Song_Contest_logo

As a spectacle, I am fairly good natured towards it, but I was pretty surprised to chat to Dr Eurovision.

The Cardiff-based academic Paul Jordan earned his PhD, The Eurovision Song Contest: Nation Building and Nation Branding in Estonia and Ukraine, from the University of Glasgow in 2001.

It’s one of those moves that have given him a media presence, but also offers a political and cultural significance behind the frankly out-there performances from competitors every year.

In my view, it’s a really great chance to have a window onto the cultures of our European neighbours.

Personally, I’m not worried if the UK don’t win – which is probably just as well.

Read the piece here.


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