Life’s great healers… Or how we can take inspiration from all around us

Sometimes you speak to someone who casts your life achievements into stark relief.

In a way, that’s why we get into journalism – so that we’re able to shine a light on these lives and reflect the amazing effort of human endeavour to our readers.

Anne Watts was just one such person. A nurse who has travelled all over the world, she has anneworked in the Yukon, Vietnam, the Middle East and more.

She has nursed soldiers who were dying and children who had lost limbs, and for her it was all her duty to do so.

The idea of travelling the world has a sheen of glamour to it, but hearing Anne talk of her patients like ‘the little 10-year-old girl who’d lost her legs and her family in Vietnam’ shows, to me, an almost superhuman dedication to the preservation of others.

On one level, I know I will never be able to give as much as Anne has to the world – I will never have the skills nor the attitude to care for and medically treat people in agony and desperation like she has seen.

But I truly hope that just writing about her exploits and revealing them to a wider audience will help inspire others one day to follow in her brave and determined footsteps.

Read the piece here


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