Talk talk… Or the power of ideas presented as entertainment

Anyone with access to a computer these days probably knows what TEDx is.

Starting out in leafy California in 1984, the original TED Conference was a one-off event with talks focusing on technology, entertainment and design.

tedFast forward a few decades and TEDx is in play.

The independent TED-like events which can be organised by anyone who obtains a free license from TED, are a series of global conferences where wildly diverse speakers are invited to stand, inspire and enlighten.

Cardiff’s 2012 event was stunning, and the 2014 day didn’t falter, with amazing ideas and inspirational thinking come from the likes of explorer and scientist Niall McCann and journalist-turned-baker-turned-One Mile Bakery entrepreneur Elisabeth Mahony.

The idea for our magazine piece was to give a number of different views on the event – people who have spoken at TEDx events previously, the organiser, and even a first-person reaction to the 2012 talks from an enthusiastic attendee: me.

Read the piece here


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