An actor’s life… Or how you can get what you want if you try

The world of the actor is a strange one.

Basically existing on a freelance basis, they have an agent casting around for jobs and, if they;re lucky, taking 12% for the privilege, but all too often there will be stretches without work to content with.

Credit: John Rogers/ITV
Credit: John Rogers/ITV

Amy Beth Hayes may have started out in a small Welsh market town, but the Abergavenny girl has wowed TV audiences in everything from Mr Selfridge to Lilyhammer.

Speaking to her about her day job, it was really clear that she enjoyed the work, and it’s obviously something that she’s skilled at.

She decided to appear as Kitty in the ITV drama when she heard that Cardiff-born writer Andrew Davies was penning the series and she says the story lines and characters didn’t disappoint.

What’s interesting about Amy Beth’s background is that, although acting was her dream, she went to Oxford at 18, throwing over an offer of a place at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

She said that once she was told that Oxford wouldn’t suit her, she was determined to make it work, and so it has.

What a terrific role model she is for young people who want to achieve their dreams – she’s shown that there’s nothing detrimental about taking the road less travelled and yet still ending up on centre stage.

Read the piece here


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